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Ryan SocashRyan SocashAfter two releases and countless shows across America, Let Me Introduce You To The End band leader Ryan Socash claimed to be Tired, discouraged and extremely annoyed with the lack of interest shown by American people. Unlike most artists who are willing to tolerate a commercial society (which is spoon fed product music to the point where they don’t appreciate anything real) he donated all of his belongings to a homeless shelter and with the determination of a mad man moved to Krakow, Poland.

Ryan SocashOne year after the relocation, Let Me Introduce You To The End has signed a distribution contract with Music Corner Records (Parented by Universal Poland) for their latest album A Love of The Sea, mesmerized a massive audience in the legendary Pod Jaszczurami Jazz Club, and had a feature on Radio Alfa and Dziennik Polski. In addition to the above the group donated two concerts for mental institution patients and regarded the audience as “the most delicate and receptive music lovers ever”. One could easily make the claim that in a short time this abstract rock band from Chicago has made a serious mark on the Polish underground.

In support of the 7.7.07 release of A Love of The Sea, Let Me Introduce You To The End has added two new permanent members (Wojtek Szupelak, Jakub Mędrek) and will embark on many shows throughout Poland. The group plans to perform in large cities as well as little towns across Poland, donating performances when ever financially possible.

The future of this project in Poland is very assuring, as Socash commonly conveys a deep love and admiration for Polish culture and people. One may feel that an American band leaving their home fan base to live in a foreign land to be irrational. Perhaps it is.